ZWCAD 2022 What’s new?

ZWCAD 2022: The new features:

  1. Data Link
  2. Associative Array
  3. CAD Standards
  4. Flatshot
  5. IFC-Import
  6. Coexisting Classic and Ribbon Menus

General improvements

Larger DWG files can be loaded much faster with ZWCAD 2022.

The new features in detail:

ZWCAD 2022 datalink

Data Link

Link with external tables intelligently, to realize bidirectional and synchronized data update.
ZWCAD 2022 associative array

Associative Array

Form rectangular, path, or polar arrays of objects with flexible settings and adjust them by dragging grips.
ZWCAD 2022 cad standards

CAD Standards

Create drawing standard (.dws) files and check & fix nonstandard styles accordingly, to standardize CAD drawings.
ZWCAD 2022 flatshot


Create a 2D version of 3D objects conveniently, sparing you from drawing conversion.
ZWCAD 2022 ifc import


Import IFC files, view the details of models, and better manage entities with the IFC structure panel.
ZWCAD 2022 adjustable viewport

Adjustable Viewport

Create new viewports by dragging the borders which are close to the frame of the interface.
ZWCAD 2022 ifc coexisting ribbons

Coexisting Classic and Ribbon Menus

The Classic and Ribbon menus can be displayed at the same time, to satisfy different needs and optimize user experience.

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