GAIN Collaboration
Product Variants in Comparison

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GAIN Collaboration: Features of the Product Variants

GAIN Collaboration View

Features & Functions

  • View documents
  • Issuing of reports
  • Export functions for data exchange
  • Job server
  • Integration and use of own workflow functions

GAIN Collaboration Office

… in Addition to View

  • Creating, editing and managing of MS Office documents and e-mails
  • Managing NON-CAD Documents
  • Status management
  • Copying and revisioning of MS Office documents
  • Site Replication¹
  • ERP pairing²

GAIN Collaboration Professional

… in Addition to Office

  • Creating, editing and managing of CAD documents
  • Copying and revisioning of CAD documents
  • Import and export of CAD documents

¹ Expanding module ² Customizing required