ZW3D Premium

The ZW3D Premium package includes all design and manufacturing modules for those who need an uncompromising solution.

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ZW3D Premium – ALL-IN-ONE Package for Design and Manufacturing

ZW3D Premium Screenshots

  • Advanced modeling
  • Animation of assemblies and collusion control
  • Surface return (reverse engineering) and point cloud
  • Design of sheet metal parts
  • Welding constructions (profiles)
  • Drawing derivation and detailing
  • Geometry Healing and Model Repair
  • All functions for tool and mould making
  • Rendering and real-time visualization
  • Support for many import and export formats
  • Intelligent milling and turning functions
  • Automatic drilling
  • All 2- and 3-axis CAM modules, including QuickMill HSM strategies
  • 3D machining simulation with collision control
  • Tool Path Editor
  • Smoothflow Adaptive Feed Control
  • 3+2 axis machining (3 axes simultaneously)
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining (optional)
  • Postprocessors

Typical Areas of Application

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Tool making – Mould making – Model making
  • Electrode creation
  • CNC manufacturing