ZW3D 2021 What’s new?

ZW3D 2021: The new features:

  1. Axis Support
  2. Improved Surface Function
  3. New Sketch Functions
  4. Punching in Sheet Metal Processing
  5. Distances for Assemblies
  6. New ECAD Module
  7. Upgraded Full Machine Simulation
  8. Export Operation List to Excel
  9. Sheet Adjustment for Milling and Engraving

The new features in detail:

ZW3D Axis Support

Axis Support

Get supported with sketching, modeling, PMI dimensions and assembly dependencies from the new axis in ZW3D 2021.

ZW3D Surface Function

New Surface Function

Better transition of fillet and transition surfaces: The new cross-trim function can cut and connect multiple surfaces at the same time.
ZW3D Sketch Function

New Sketch Functions

More efficient working in sketches thanks to the cosmetic sketch and the same curvature.
ZW3D Sheet Metal Processing

New in Sheet Metal Processing

The new punch command allows you to set fillet swells and process open surfaces. Even from an external z3prt file, you can now punch a shape. In addition, you can use a radius with 0° for the flange.
ZW3D Assembly Function

New Assembly Function

The new command “Clearance Checke” now ensures a safe distance between multiple components.
ZW3D ECAD Module

ECAD Module

You can now use the ECAD module for mechatronic constructions. Import or export files in IDF format and set regions for cable placement.

ZW3D Machine Simulation

Upgraded Full Machine Simulation

The complete machine simulation has been extensively optimized.
The new functions: machine configurator, CNC controllers, tool registers and measuring tools.

ZW3D Set-up Sheet

Export Operation List to Excel

You can now export the CAM setup sheet in Excel format. Includes customizable templates.
You can show or hide the coordinate system for Excel output.
ZW3D Sheet Adjustment

Sheet Adjustment

Now you can use sheet adjustment for 2- and 5-axis milling and engraving. This provides you with support in optimizing tool paths and for precise results during milling.

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