ZW3D 2020 What’s new?

ZW3D 2020: The new features:

  1. Flange with Profile
  2. Enhanced Assembly
  3. Automatic Drafting
  4. New Cooling Loop
  5. Tools for Standard Parts
  6. Updateded Electrode Module
  7. Full Machine Simulation
  8. 3D Equidistant Step Size
  9. Faster Batch Calculation

The new features in detail:

ZW3D Flange with Profile

Flange with Profile

With ZW3D 2020, you can now freely adjust the shape of flanges in a sketch. As a result, this greatly simplifies and speeds up the modeling process.

ZW3D Enhanced Assembly

Enhanced Assembly

Enhanced logic of dependencies: You can now move the defined parts within a specific range as desired.

ZW3D Automatic Drawing

Automatic Drafting

Automatically create 2D drawings for multiple parts or assemblies. Also adjust sheet size, layout, dimension and tables.

ZW3D New Cooling Loop

New Cooling Loop

Create and modify cooling systems more flexibly than ever. ZWCAD adjusts all parameters with the dynamic preview.

ZW3D Standard Parts Tools

Tools for Standard Parts

ZWCAD now has even more standard parts on board. For example cross slot screws, wedge fuses, centering rings, and many more.

ZW3D Electrode Module

Extended Electrode Module

Create electrode blanks for more than one electrode. Now also available for electrode construction: Dynamic Cycle, Electrode List, Electrode Attributes, Electrode Engraving, Identification and more.

ZW3D Machine Simulation

Full Machine Simulation

Simulate actual machining processes through the complete machine simulation. ZWCAD takes into account the kinematic models of machines. Users can identify potential problems and ensure manufacturability.

ZW3D 3D Equidistant Step Size

3D Equidistant Step Size

For even more precise tool paths, the constant 3D equidistant step size for Z level operation was realized in the 3X milling module.

ZW3D Batch Calculation

Faster Batch Calculation

Reduce calculation time for more complicated tasks: Batch calculation uses multi-core processors for this purpose.

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