ZW3D Professional

ZW3D Professional offers sophisticated functions for tool, mold or model making. The ideal solution for your
design tasks.

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ZW3D Professional: For 3D Tool
and Shape Construction

ZW3D Professional Screenshots

  • Multi-cavity and multi-product design
  • Separation lines and separators for shape and cavity – Automatic or interactive
  • Automatic and interactive creation of nozzle + ejector side
  • Curvature, undercut, wall thickness analysis
  • Direct edit for solids and surfaces
  • Tools for creating cooling and gating systems
  • Slider generator
  • Library for standard molded structures and standard parts

For Intuitive Working

Typical Areas of Application


  • Tooling
  • Mold
  • Modelling
  • Electrode creation

Functions Mould and Tool Making in ZW3D Professional

Quickly Disconnect the Core and Cavity For Less Lead Times

ZW3D Professional Toolmaking Core and Cavity
  • Save a lot of time by bypassing model healing and dividing parts directly through separators or surfaces.
  • Use both automatic and manual creation of dividers, inner holes, and partitions. This greatly increases efficiency.
  • With multi-cavity and multi-product design, you meet the different design requirements of different products.

Extensive Library with Mold Construction & Standard Parts of Different Standards

ZW3D Professional Toolmaking Libraries

You can modify and personalize the integrated library with mold structure and standard parts at any time. All parts of the library meet the requirements of different countries and companies.

Special Tools for Detailed Mould Making

ZW3D Professional Mould Making Tools

With special tools, you can quickly develop skids, cooling systems, sliders and various sprues. You can freely modify these depending on the practical requirements.

Flexible Solutions for Quick Handling of Complex Electrode Constructions

ZW3D Professional Toolmaking Electrode Construction

Quick creation of complex electrodes. Use the easy-to-use electrode extraction tools.
Automatically create a stack of electrodes as well as the 2D drawing. This dramatically reduces development time and reduces errors.