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From simple items to complex layouts: CAD software with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Try it.

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ZWCAD: Professional Design at a Low Price


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4 Product Variants


ZWCAD Standard

The standard version offers complex 2D functionality such as express tools, LISP, tool palettes, dynamic blocks and much more.


ZWCAD Professional

In addition to the standard tools, the Professional variant provides 3D capabilities for creating solid models (3D ACIS), APIs “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)”, “SDS”, “ZRX/ARX” (C/C++), “.NET” and many other options.

For the Mechanics

ZWCAD Mechanical

The variant Mechanical is the solution for mechanical production. With comprehensive standard parts libraries, as well as many powerful functions and tools for mechanical engineering, fixture construction, steel construction, and many more.

For Architecture

ZWCAD Architecture

The extension with content libraries and tools specifically designed for the development of architectural designs. Automation of time-consuming design tasks helps to avoid errors.

ZWCAD: Features in Detail

Base CAD

ZWCAD Standard

Features & Functions


  • Show-n-Tell™ Tutorial
Compatibility with AutoCAD
  • .dwg and .dxf file support
  • Commands and command options as in AutoCAD®
  • AutoCAD® Menu (.mnu) and Alias Support
  • TTF & SHX Font Support
  • Lisp (incl. DCL)
  • SDS – similar to AutoCAD® Development System (ADS)
  • Export (bmp, wmf, emf, svg, dwf, EPS, pdf, sat)
  • eTransmit, Plot Management, Publishing, PC5 File — Add Plotter
  • Undo/Redo, Zoom, 3D Views + Air View, 4-Window View
  • Blocks, External References, In-Place References and Attribute Editing
  • Raster images, Active X In-Place Editing (OLE), Layer, Point Style
  • Different colors, line styles + thicknesses, font + dimension styles
  • Export multilines, units, proofing help, quick selection, filters, attributes
  • Design Center, Tool Palettes, Calculator, Load Application
  • Script Player + Recorder, Screenshots + Preview
  • Drawing settings, drawing board
  • Customization of the user interface
  • Geometry Snap and Tracking, Wipeout, True Color, Hatch
  • Gradient hatching, CTB and STB Plot Style, Explorer (layers, blocks, lines)
  • Adjustment of the right mouse button
  • Quick dimensioning, shortened dimensioning, dimensioning types
  • Edit References + Attributes
  • Wrap, create multilines + edit
  • Multifunctional handles
  • Auto Backup, Dynamic Input
  • Create ranges (region)
Special functions
  • Smart Mouse, Smart Select, Smart Voice
  • Dynamic command input
  • Multi-tab environment
  • Batch plot (pltplot)
  • Exporting blocks

Extended CAD

ZWCAD Professional

… in Addition to Standard


Compatibility with AutoCAD
  • VBA Development Environment
  • Object ZRX – similar to ARX
  • Volume Models
  • Basic 3D commands for volume editing
  • Commands such as REGION, DVIEW, Render

CAD for Mechanics

ZWCAD Mechanical

… in Addition to Professional


Special functions
  • Extended construction lines
  • Mechanical labeling
  • Mechanical dimensioning and item numbers
  • Parametric Component Library
  • Symbol library
  • Wave Generator
  • Parts lists and hole tables
  • Bore holes

CAD for Architecture

ZWCAD Architecture

… Like ZWCAD Professional


  • Floors, walls, doors, stairs and roofs
  • Columns, girders, ceilings
  • Parametric building components
  • Libraries in the field of architecture
  • Architecture Dimension and Symbols
  • Custom layer management
  • 3D Visualization
  • Rendering

Our Top 5: Why We Recommend ZWCAD 2020:

2. Easy to Learn

High user-friendliness: The software offers you drawing structures like in AutoCAD®. For example, model area, layouts, layers, dimension styles, text styles, table styles, linetypes and more.

AutoCAD® users generally find their way around immediately and can work productively at the same time.

3. High Compatibility

Open, edit and save your drawing as a DWG file or in the form of DXF files.

4. Mobile Working

ZWCAD supports the mobile concept with CAD pockets for Andriod, iPhone or iPad.
You can easily save your drawing to the cloud and sync it with Dropbox™ and many other services.

5. .NET Applications (API)

As an application developer, you can use .NET to integrate your own applications.

ZWCAD Highlights and Functions (Selection)

Surface: Familiar

Familiar interface

Quick start
You will easily find your way into ZWCAD 2020. Thanks to well-known commands, drawing will be relatively easy for you.
Whether it’s the familiar classic or ribbon surface. Of course, you can easily change them.

Compatibility: Open to Many Worlds


With ZWCAD, you can open DWG files or save in this format. You can also save files as DXF. Or import DNG files from Microstation.

Innovation: Hello!

Smart Voice - Add comments via Voice Record

Add comments via Voice Record.

ZWCAD Smart Select

Smart Select
Use Multi-Filter to select objects with specific properties.

Smart Mouse Function

Smart Mouse
Activate commands over mouse gestures.

Barcode & QR Code

Barcode & QR Code
Convert text information as a barcode or QR code and embed it in your work.

Constructions: All Included

ZWCAD Drawing Functions

Drawing functions in ZW CAD

  • Auto-Complete: Find commands faster
  • MText: Editing multiline texts and full texts
  • Images: Insert raster images in formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP)
  • Blocks: Capture block geometries – and reuse them
  • External reference: Insert other DWG drawings as references (XREF)
  • Charts: Present materials such as revision table or lists over charts
  • Associative Dimension: Connect the dimension to geometric objects
  • Revision Cloud: Mark revision with free-shaped clouds: More attention to the change
  • Layer and Property Manager: Set layer properties such as color, linetype, and VP Freeze
  • Selection cycle: Simply check and select overlapping objects
  • Block attributes: Embed text information such as inventory numbers, prices, description, etc. in a block
  • Scroll and move: Press or rotate the mouse wheel and move (PAN) to zoom into your designs

Advanced Tools
Can It Be a Little More?

Lisp Debugger

Lisp debugger
Check code and fix errors.

Data extraction

Data extraction
Extract and export object data to a table or to a .csv/ .xls file.

Dynamic Blocks in ZWCAD

Dynamic Blocks
Block with parameters, easy to change.

ZWCAD Properties

Use documents from other applications.

Ole Objects Insert

Insert OLE object
For example, insert Word or Excel files.

Compare files

Compare files
Compare two similar drawings: The software will show you the differences.

Super Hatch

Super Hatch
Use blocks, external drawings or images as hachures.

Reference Manager

Reference Manager
Manage all external resources such as text, images, and constructions.

Object Isolation

Object Isolation
Control the visibility of specific objects.

ZWCAD Calculator

Calculations like with a normal pocket calculator.

Block Manager Attributes

Block Attribute Manager
Look at attributes of used blocks, edit and synchronize them.

ZWCAD Annotation Scale

Annotation scale
Make annotations readable at different display scales.

Integrating 3D Features

Modeling in ZWCAD

Create and modify 3D models with solid, surface, or mesh modeling tools.

Viewing function

View the visualizations for free with 3D orbit and get an offset perspective or camera view with target simulation.

Visualize in ZWCAD

Represent visual styles such as wireframe, hidden and shaded, or a photorealistic view with rendering.

Output Possibilities

Print Options in ZWCAD

Print options
Print with STB/CTB Plot Style – Assign color, line width and line type, etc. when printing.


Print or publish to other formats. Issue DWG or DXF files for replacement.

Smart Plot

Smart Plot
Print multiple frames from model space at the same time.

ZWCAD – The Connection-Friendly CAD Program


API & Co.
Programming interfaces such as LISP, VBA, ZRX, and .NET are supported. And: Many external applications are already customized.

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