ZW3D Standard

ZW3D Standard is the solution for design, product development and construction. Take advantage of infinite opportunities to develop 3D products.

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ZW3D Standard: Advanced 3D Design

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ZW3D Standard has all the functions of a modern CAD system. With ZW3D, you can easily and quickly create assemblies, 2D drawings, animations, and renderings. And this at a fraction of the cost of comparable CAD systems.

Sophisticated Functions
for a Flexible Design

    • Reduce design effort with integrated modeling of 3D objects and 3D surfaces.
    • Design complex models with features such as parametric shape morphing and Class-A surfacing.
    • Overcome design barriers by combining volume and surface modeling on a model.
    • Develop sheet metal parts and cuttings in a short time.
    • Create weld assemblies using profile libraries or your own profiles.
    • Work with all imported data – closed solids are not necessary.
    • Repair faulty models with a minimum of time.
    • Personalize your design with image embossing and raster-to-vector conversion.
    • With the reverse engineering functions (point cloud) you can quickly create complex 3D models from real existing parts. For example, you can edit worn tools and components 3D scanning and use ZW3D to edit and repair them.

    Typical Application Areas

    • Product
    • Construction
    • Development

    Features and Functions

    • Hybrid modeling by volume and surface Kernel
    • Parametric Sketcher
    • Functions for surface processing
    • Assembly functions
    • Surface analyses
    • Repair and heal third-party data
    • 2D drawing derivatives and 2D drawings
    • Designoptimizer
    • Photorealistic rendering
    • Simple surface processing
    • Freeform surfaces processing
    • Sheet metal processing and processing
    • Conversion of images for sketches
    • Animation of assemblies and collusion control
    • Real-time analysis for undercuts, curvature, …
    • Real-time texture mapping
    • Photorealistic rendering
    • Surface recirculation (reverse engineering)
    • Welding constructions (profiles)
    • Common CAD interfaces
      – DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, VDA, SAT, PDF (2D/3D), STL, VRML
      – CATIA, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Creo (ProE), NX, Inventor