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PDM Training Overview

GAIN Collaboration
User Seminar

GAIN Collaboration
Administrator Seminar

GAIN Collaboration
Workflow Seminar

GAIN Collaboration Individual Seminars

Questions And Answers About PDM Training


As requested. Simply arrange your desired dates with us.

Training Location

Depending on your wishes directly at your company or in our training room in Bielefeld.


If you should meet the requirements for participation, please read directly during the training itself.


Normally from 8 – 12 am and from 1 – 5 pm. Or according to your ideas.

PDM Training from CADCAMPDM.
Your Turbo to the Product Data Management Professional.

Training courses from CADCAMPDM are your guarantee for efficient and methodical progress in PDM. You will be taught exclusively by experienced CAD, CAM or PDM experts. Technicians who are very familiar with the clever alternative to Inventor.

The methodical structure of our training courses has proven itself over many years. All PDM training content builds on each other in a meaningful way.


Also the joy of learning is not neglected: Our trainings are far from a dry transfer of knowledge.

Increase your skills with PDM know-how from the expert. Continue to be indispensable by driving your professional development forward.

When may we welcome you to our PDM training?

GAIN Collaboration User Seminars

Creating, editing, copying and revisioning documents – in one day the user seminar teaches how to use our PDM system. Further contents: the navigation on the interface, its individual adaptation and search options.

1-Day Training

  • Creating documents in the GAIN Collaboration System
  • Creating documents from within the application
  • Inserting blocks (2D) and components (3D)
  • Working with assemblies (3D)
  • Creating drawing derivation (2D or 3D)
  • Creating blocks and connecting them to GAIN Collaboration (2D)
  • Copy
  • Revision
  • Status management
  • Drop management
  • Parts lists
  • Data export
  • View / Print / Send
  • GAIN Collaboration with MS Office and MS Outlook
  • Finding documents
  • Creating filters and folders
  • Customizing the GC user interface

GAIN Collaboration Administrator Seminar

The GAIN Collaboration Administrator Seminar gives key users or administrators a deeper insight into GAIN Collaboration. Here, further connections and processes are conveyed in the GAIN Collaboration System.

2-Day Training

Day 1:

  • Global Connections in the GAIN Collaboration System
  • GAIN Collaboration System Architecture
  • User management / user configuration
  • GAIN Collaboration Rights System
  • Mask adjustment
  • Database architecture

Day 2:

  • GAIN Collaboration CAD Interface Configuration
  • Configuration of parts lists and copy dialogs
  • Selection lists and selection boxes
  • Drop management
  • MS-Office Interface Configuration

GAIN Collaboration Workflow Seminar

In this GAIN Collaboration Workflow seminar we will train how to customize existing functions in our PDM system and how to create own functions. Therefore we create scripts with C-Sharp (C#) and integrate them into the GAIN Collaboration System.

2-Day Training

Day 1:


  • Functional processes in the GAIN Collaboration workflow

GAIN Collaboration Standard Workflow:

  • Configuration for GAIN Collaboration workflow
  • Relationships and calls in the GAIN Collaboration workflow
  • Function calls in menu files

Day 2:

Custom Workflow:

  • GAIN Collaboration Workflow Programming
  • Creating of own functions
  • Customize menu and tool files

GAIN Collaboration Individual Training

Training According to Your Needs

Sometimes there are very specific features that move you forward quickly.

Just talk to us about it. We would be happy to put together your own personal training plan together with you.