ZWCAD 2021 What’s new?

ZWCAD 2021: The new features:

  1. Upgraded Graphic Engine
  2. Transparency
  3. Better 4K Display
  4. All-in-one Reference Manager
  5. Viewport Layer
  6. Formulas

The new features in detail:

ZWCAD Graphic Engine

Upgraded Graphic Engine

The upgraded graphic engine of ZWCAD 2021 now enables faster reading of drawings and a smoother display of objects.

ZWCAD Transparency


The transparency of objects, layers, and so on ios adjustable. This allows you to create different display effects.

ZWCAD 4K Display

Better 4K display

Enjoy a more visually pleasing display at 4K resolutions.

ZW3D Machine Simulation

All-in-One Reference Manager

External files such as DWG, DWF, PDF, PNG, etc. can now be managed in one panel.

ZWCAD Viewport Layer

Viewport Layer

Highlight specific layer properties in viewports.

ZWCAD Formulas


Take advantage of fast calculations for the availability of table and field formulas.

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