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The affordable CAD CAM software for
3D modelling, mold making and manufacturing.


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With ZW3D you Model for a Small Price

Screenshots of the CAD CAM program

ZW3D Authorized Reseller

4 ZW3D Product Variants

Basis CAD


The Fundamental variant offers you a wide range of functions for getting started with 3D hybrid modelling (surface volume editing).

Extended 3D CAD


The Standard variant is the solution for design, product development and construction. Take advantage of infinite opportunities to develop 3D products.

3D CAD & Mould Making


The Professional variant combines the extensive design functions with the sophisticated functions for tool and mould making or model making.

3D CAD & Mould Making & CAM


The Premium variant includes all design and manufacturing modules for those who need an uncompromising solution.
A perfect CAD/CAM solution with a unique price/performance ratio.

What Is Contained in What



Base CAD


Extended CAD



Extended CAD


CAD with CAM

2X Machinist

Base CAD

CAM 2-axis

3X Machinist

Base CAD

CAM 3-axis



Extended CAD


CAM 2-axis

CAM 3-axis

Features of the Product Variants

ZW3D PDM Interface

Comparison of variants

Base CAD

ZW3D Fundamental

Features & Functions


  • Show-n-Tell™ Tutorial
CAD modeling
  • Direct import interfaces: CATIA, NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, INVENTOR
  • Import / Export Interfaces: STEP, IGES, VDA, STL, PARASOLID, SAT, DXF, DWG, BILD, VRML and 2D/3D PDF Export
  • 2D sketch with Ready Sketch library
  • 3D wireframe and 3D sketch
  • Hybrid 3D Shape and Feature Modeling
  • Assemblies Design
  • Real View and Model Analysis
  • 2D views, parts list / hole tables
  • Repair of geometry
  • Direct Edit
  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
  • Libraries and configurations
  • Integration of apps

Extended 3D CAD

ZW3D Standard

… in Addition to Fundamental


CAD modeling
  • Morphing, wrapping and flex tools
  • Freeform (Class-A surface)
  • Assemblies & Animation
  • Sheet metal constructions
  • Welding assemblies
  • Surface recirculation (reverse engineering)

3D CAD & Mould Making

ZW3D Professional

… in Addition to


  • Electrodes design
  • Libraries for mould making
  • Mould-making-specific functions
  • Automatic and interactive creation of nozzle + ejector side
  • Automatic and interactive creation of dividing lines + partitions

3D CAD & Mould Making & CAM

ZW3D Premium

… in Addition to Professional


CAM manufacturing
  • 2-Axis Turning
  • 2-axis milling
  • Drilling machining with automatic drilling
  • Auto-feature tactics
  • Tool Path Editor
  • Simulation of processing
  • ZW3D Post Processor
  • 3-axis QuickMill™ (3+2 axes)
  • Multi-page editing
  • Smoothflow – Adaptive Feed Control
  • ZW3D postprocessor (DIN ISO and Heidenhain plain text)

10 Good Reasons for ZW3D

1. It is Affordable

The CAD 3D software meets all your CAD and CAM requirements with an all-in-one package at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. ZWSOFT has thought of everything here.

2. Easy to Use and Learn

The integrated virtual show-n-tell manuals help you to get to know the interface in a playful way.

3. Overdrive Kernel

The standalone UPG2 kernel allows you to edit large amounts of files and different geometry types quickly and efficiently using the latest methods.

4. Extensive Interfaces

The Catia V5/V4, Creo, ProE, NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor, STEP, IGES, VDA, STL, Parasolid, SAT (Acis), DXF, DWG and DXF interfaces allow quick and easy import and export to other systems.

5. Efficient Assembly Designs

Develop and edit assemblies according to your own scheme. Use numerous functions for solid and surface modelling. The size of the assembly module is not important.

6. Flexible Free-Form Surface Design

Free working on the 3D component is no longer a challenge. The extensive tools give you maximum freedom in your design.

7. Faster Moldings

The integrated tool and mould making functions (Mold) accelerate the mold construction with separating lines, separating surfaces as well as sliders and electrode automatics. A fully automatic tool shape structure is also stored.

8. Hybrid Modelling Possible

The continuous construction with volume and surfaces allows you a simple product design.

9. Integrated Intelligent NC Manufacturing

Thanks to the integrated 2 – 5 axis NC strategies, programming times in the CAM area can be drastically reduced. Use the intelligence of your 3D parts to automatically derive NC edits.

10. Shorten Processing Times

Thanks to the integrated VoluMill functions, the program reduces the processing times for rough milling on your machine.

Highlights and Functions in ZW3D (Selection)

Deeply Integrated Interfaces for More Data Reuse


Of course, ZW3D supports the import of third-party CAD data from other applications of well-known manufacturers:

  • 3D CAD translator
  • NX
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidEdge
  • Solidworks
  • Creo (Pro/E)
  • Stp (Step)
  • Stl
  • x_t
  • Igs (iges)

Hybrid Modeling of Volumes and Surfaces. For More Design Flexibility

Hybrid modeling
Thanks to volume and surface hybrid modeling technology, you can – intuitively – perform Boolean operations on surfaces directly with volume.

Faster Product Design Thanks to Robust, Parametric Modeling and Direct Machining

Parametric modeling
  • Many tools are available for parametric modeling based on dimension-driven features.
  • Save a lot of time: The Direct Edit tools allow you to quickly change any 3D model. Without the regeneration of history.

Meet Specific Requirements Efficiently

Sheet metal construction

Using the rich CAD application functions, you can meet many different requirements from industry, product development and design. For example, those from the sheet metal construction, welded construction, surface recirculation. Including the requirements for complex deep drawing sheet parts – perfectly fulfilled by the popular processing function of the AddOn from Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI).

Smart Assembly Functions for Increased Productivity

ZW3D Assembly Function

Using the top-down and bottom-up function in assemblies, you can easily handle even large and complex designs. You can flexibly integrate, manage and edit individual components, as well as view various components.

With ease, you can update the corresponding models and much more. Verification tools ensure the manufacturability of your designs.

Embossing, Morphing & Unwinding for Professional Designs

Embossing, morphing and unwinding
  • Emboss high-precision surfaces from raster images in no time at all.
  • Provide solid surfaces and STL data for flexible morphing and unwinding.

2D Drawings and Intelligent PMI Tools to Optimize Your Workflow

2D Drawings

With ZW3D, you can quickly develop 2D drawing views with detailed information (dimensions, tolerances, and annotations) for manufacturing and review.
To reflect the changes to the model or assembly, you can easily update them automatically.
You can also use the PMI tools to intuitively place dimensions and annotations on 3D elements.
A really good help.

Automatic Drawing Creation

Automatic drawing creation in ZW3D

For example, you can use automatic drawing creation to automatically generate item drawings from all parts of an assembly.
This function also saves a lot of time.

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